From Narcissus to NARCISS… 

The name of the fashion label NARCISS derives from the ancient Greek myth about a handsome young man, Narcissus, who fell in love with his reflection. Instead of advocating sick narcissism and self-obsession, NARCISS encourages women to be more self-confident and to fall in love with themselves and their reflection in the mirror in a healthy way.

Smart Luxury

NARCISS collections successfully combine classic and edgy, feminine and masculine. NARCISS creates timeless garments with a superior quality and exquisite craftsmanship, yet available at an attractive price point. It is a smart luxury.


There is a high probability that we would never see the woman behind NARCISS – Alise Trautmane, anywhere near the catwalk. Despite her tremendously successful corporate career, with her strong academic background in law and economics, Alise decided to quit the corporate world in 2008. After attending lectures in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Istituto Europeo di Design, the fashion label NARCISS was launched in 2011. Now, while designing and managing NARCISS, Alise is continuing her fashion studies at the prominent Parsons The New School for Design, New York, to graduate in 2016.


Adore Your Reflection.